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Leather Leg Harness in Black

Leather Leg Harness


Upgrade your attire with this versatile Leather Leg Harness. Wear it over your favorite pair of jeans or pants for a wicked new look!

Upper Chest Holster

Upper Chest Holster Leather Harness


Make a style statement! This Upper Chest Holster Leather Harness is guaranteed to double your fun regardless of your shenanigans. Wear it comfortably over a t-shirt or dress shirt or directly on your bare chest. Each strap is individually adjustable to hug you snug for a wild day or night of fun!


The X Man Leather Harness

X Leather Harness


The X Leather Harness is a great addition to any outfit in or out of the bedroom. It works as a great bondage base too for those frisky moments and kinky soirées.