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Xtreme Paraphilia Cosplay Accessories Enamel Pins AI I Love You

Enamel Pins AI I Love You

Enamel Pins AI I Love You by XP.

Make sure to use our special deal for enamel pins. Use this product to purchase three pins for 25$. Save 5$ when you get three enamel pins.

Enamel pins are the perfect addition to your jean vest. We have a wide variety of custom made themed jean vests available soon on this site. We are happy to take custom requests for the jean vests.

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These enamel pins will ship within 2- 5 business days. Every package will be accompanied by a tracking number. Shipping to Canada and USA takes between 4-8 days, International can be between 12 and 30 days depending on the country. Therefore we cannot control delays caused by the shipping companies.

We will be adding more pictures throughout the year. Consequently we will have a bigger selection.

Xtreme Paraphilia is always looking for new items and new trends to bring you good quality products. In other words, we only offer products that satisfy our high-quality standard to make our costumers happy. Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to email us, we can help you find it. Xander@XtremeParaphilia.com

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I Heart Anime, Smooch, Teeth & Leaf, Cute Smile, Bear, Bear Anime, Hentai White, Round Teeth, Googly Eyes, Smooch Heart, Angry, Zipper Face, Vamp Teeth, Open Mouth Smile, Kiss, Scary Face, Ogre, Missing Teeth, Shy, Crazy Smile, Drooling, Cute Fangs, Big Mouth