Leather belt_black_frontLeather belt_black_front

O-Ring Belt


The Leather Belt is the ultimate accessory for putting over your favorite lingerie set. Show your lover how sexy you are with the matching Bottoms and Tops. Great to use as a bondage base with intuitively placed rings to tie rope or cuff clips to. Be ready for action with this fun and sexy belt!
The Leather Belt is adjustable to hug you snug for a wild day or night of fun!


The O-Ring Belt is the perfect belt to wear with your favorite jeans. The sturdy O-Rings are built to carry any of your accessories. Clip the Leg Harness directly to the O-Ring Belt for a perfect fit! You can also clip your water bottle or one of our many pouches
Ready for the whole outfit? Check out our Top Leather Harnesses to pick your favorite top. Great to use as a bondage base with intuitively placed rings to tie rope or cuff clips to. Be ready for action with this super useful O-Ring Belt!


Remove sweat or makeup stains with a soft damp cloth. Dampen your cloth with warm soapy water using natural & unscented gentle cleanser like baby shampoo.  Gently rub the leather with your damp cloth to produce a lather in any area you want to clean.

To condition the leather, use natural, unscented hand-lotion. Firstly, put a small amount of lotion in your hands first, then gently rub the lotion into the smooth side of the leather until desired softness is reached.  Always condition leather after washing it. Finally, It is best to wait at least 1 hour after washing before conditioning.


We recommend that you store your Harness on a hanger by the buckle or a center O-Ring.  This will keep them looking fresh and wrinkle-free.


All of our Leather accessories are Designed & Made in Canada by Women working from their homes. Star Creations is a strong believer in supporting its local communities across Canada. By buying from Star Creations, you are helping to support real Women working hard to bring you the very best accessories to help you feel confident and beautiful.


Our products are designed to fit you no matter your body or gender. Every strap is adjustable because we want you to find the perfect fit. As a result, this will allow you to adjust your accessory to flow with your body fluctuation. Our bodies go through cycles, just like life. Being WomXn, we know how our bodies can change depending on where we are in our cycles, in conclusion, we have taken this into consideration when designing our products. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable, sexy & confident. Love the body you’re in – You’re Beautiful ! ! !


Made by Veronika Starr | WOMXNFETISH + FASHION + COSPLAY 


  • S E X Y






SIZE CHART – True to size
Ex: size 34″ Belt fits from 32″ to 35″

Additional information

Weight .31 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 cm
Primary Color

Black, Brown, Red

Belt Size

28 Inches, 32 Inches, 34 Inches, 36 Inches, 38 Inches, 42 Inches, 44 Inches, 46 Inches, 48 Inches

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