Xander Star

Original designer of the crew, he has joined forces with his wife Veronika Star to form a solid team. Xander likes to go scavenging, finding components in order to modify the everyday gear that everybody needs for protection. He travels through the Wasteland to bring the “Gospel of Originality” to the masses fighting beige wherever it is. Xander is as tall as his creations are reputable.

His chosen materials are whatever he can find. He loves to refurbish materials and bring new materials to great length.

The X Man Leather Harness

X Man Harness


Day or Night. Make a statement! The X Man Harness is a must-have in everyone’s play closet! Great for bondage base, You can easily wear it over anything or with nothing at all. Each strap is individually adjustable to hug you snug for a wild day or night of fun!

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Made by Veronika Starr | WOMXNFETISH + FASHION + COSPLAY